Xiaomi Mi A2 (lite)

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Re: Xiaomi Mi A2 (lite)

PostPostao/la chillout23 » Sub sij 12, 2019 7:35 am

Molim :)
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Re: Xiaomi Mi A2 (lite)

PostPostao/la dakok » Pet ožu 08, 2019 12:45 pm

Izgleda da Mi A2 ima ozbiljan problem s eMMc memorijom


Najčešće nešto od ovog:

And about frequently, it happens all the time (100%). I can say that there is no problem when we do a Factory reset. But after few hours or one or two days, the bug appears again and eMMc writing and reading getting unstable. even without installing any application.

When we are trying to clear Chromes cache, the device starts to clearing cache. For 50 MB it takes about 30 sec time and device loses its response.

Because of this bug, the device always has some lags and touch problem. Cause internal memory has a low speed and more important than that, has an unstable speed, because its start benchmark with a good speed after few secs getting stuck, start again, the stuck! so when the device wants to read or write some bug files or too many files, the devices lose response on touch and sometimes getting a soft reboot automatically.

Nekim navodno problem nestaje ako ugase wifi (2.4G)
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